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June 10, 2024

Signature Scent for Your Wedding Day

Here is a tip from an experienced wedding photographer; buy a signature scent for your wedding day. A signature scent is just a special perfume or cologne that you buy specifically to wear on your wedding day, and here’s why.

The Why

Do you remember as a kid the way something smelled? Like maybe your Grandma’s perfume or her apple pie? Or maybe it was Grandpa’s tobacco? Or maybe the smell of rain and playing in puddles growing up? Maybe it was the campfire smell because every summer you and your family went camping in a certain state or campground?

Do you remember a specific memory every time you smell that? Or maybe how you felt in that moment?

Scent, emotion and memory are very well intertwined. When you smell that smell, your brain takes you back to those memories and moments, so my tip as an experienced photographer is to find the signature perfume or cologne to take you back to those wedding day memories. Every time you wear the new perfume it’ll take you back to your wedding day and every time your new spouse wears theirs and you smell it, the same thing happens to you.

35mm film photo of a bride's wedding day Valentino perfume

Special perfume and cologne for your wedding day

I love when my couples incorporate a special perfume or cologne on their wedding day, so here’s my tip to you as your Oklahoma wedding photographer.

Before the wedding, go to the store with your fiance(e) and try different scents together. Do you LOVE a specific one on them? Sometimes it’s fun to have the matching bottles like Carolina Herrera’s Good Girl and Bad Boy which are fun shaped bottles or maybe the Valentino pictured above. Or you could each choose each other’s and they could be part of your gift to one another on your wedding day.

Another tip is to include those signature scents in your details box for your photographer so you get photos like the one above. A full details box blog post is coming soon! Follow along here for more tips and tricks for your wedding day.