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Back in middle school, I picked up my first camera (the same one in this photo!), and ever since, it’s been like an extra limb—always with me. Fast forward to 2015, when a friend asked me to capture their wedding, and then 2017 when my little brother had me capture his wedding in the breathtaking Rocky Mountain National Park. That little adventure sparked a whole journey that’s now seen me documenting the love stories of almost 100 amazing couples since. 

Now, let’s talk about your big day. I’ve picked up some serious confidence along the way, and when I say I bring it to your wedding, I mean it’s more than just about the pictures. I’m all about creating an atmosphere where you feel as stunning as you truly are. I strive to catch those real, genuine emotions that make your day uniquely yours—the first look with your spouse, the sweet family moments with tears, and those moves on the dance floor that sum up the whole joyful night. (I'm sure you'll see me dancing away with my camera too!)

As for me, I’m a Type 3 Enneagram—a spirited overachiever—and I have an unwavering passion for making your wedding day the most freaking incredible day imaginable as you marry the love of your life. Let’s make it unforgettable!

Owner, Photographer, Catholic Wife, Work from Home Boy & Dog Mom, & Coffee Addict

Hi, I’m Mariah!

Crafting family memories and preserving the beginning of yours. 

Roaming the world with my husband and our passport-ready little traveler, Micah

Finding peace on lakes and islands

Cycling through scenic landscapes

Shredding the slopes on a snowboard - can you tell i love a good challenge?

Fully embracing the wilderness on backpacking and camping adventures

Reaching new heights on hiking trails

Scuba diving in the ocean

I’m a bundle of energy who enjoys:

Life Beyond the Lens

more favs

Quality time with my little man and my husband

Saturday Morning

Huge book reader, runner, hiker, camper, scuba diver, world traveler


I’m a fall girlie! Bring on all things pumpkin spice, boots, hoodies, jeans, and crunchy leaves


Cold brew coffee (Iced all year round!) – Pumpkin Spice & Peppermint Mochas 


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Holiday Hallmark movies (yes, the plot is always the same, no, I do not care) 

TV Show

Anything Asian! Love sushi, Thai, and Japanese food especially


Ireland, Singapore, the Maldives

Countries Visited

My Favs

As we strolled down the boardwalk, minding our own business, Zack pointed out a floating pier. Of course, after a little bit of coaxing, he convinced me to step out onto it. As I gazed dreamily over the ocean, soaking in the view, Zack dropped to one knee and asked me to be his adventure buddy for life. It was perfect.

We were in the heart of Boston because I was there to run the Cape Cod Marathon.

Zack and I are like two peas in a travel pod, and he has always called me his adventure buddy. We’d already clocked four countries and more cities and states than we could count. 

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